Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pumpkins Galore!

It is pumpkin season! Before you stop and choose your pumpkin, check out all of the different kinds we grew this year at Green Barn!

Think about the creative ways you can use each kind. Carve a witch with the warty 'knuckle head' pumpkin, make luminaries or carve skulls with the white pumpkins, decorate your table with the cute little mini pumpkins, or use 'Wee Be Little' as place holders at a party and write each persons name on a pumpkin! The possibilities are endless.

Here are the names of each variety above starting in the upper left corner and moving clockwise: 'Jack Be Little', 'Baby Boo', 'Wee Be Little', 'Batwings', 'Autumn Wings' gourd, 'Lumina' white pumpkin, 'Cinderella', 'Knuckle Head' pumpkin with warts, 'Wolf' pumpkin with thick stems, and our traditional assortment of pie pumpkins and full sized pumpkins. We also have 'Small World of Color' with a unique pink-orange pale color on the right side of the group pumpkin picture above. Also watch for giant 'Prizewinner' pumpkins.

Enjoy pumpkin season!

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